For all of you willing to try your hand at painting, but in an informal atmosphere, filled with fun and new experiences, a paint and sip event is the right choice. However, attending an unusual event for the first time can be a little bit overwhelming and you may feel a bit insecure and shy.


Whether you are feeling anxious because you didn’t paint for a long time or you are afraid due to confusion about what is happening in a paint class, this article is for you.


We go in-depth and explain all the details you need to pay attention to and how to have the best experience at a paint and sip class.


Let’s go!


What Are Paint And Sip Events?


Paint and sip events started in 2002 in Birmingham, Alabama by Wendy Lovo who had a painting studio and was giving lessons to her students. To eliminate the stress on her students she started to stimulate the older ones with a glass of wine. She noticed that the stress slowly disappeared and the creations became more beautiful. Thus, she started to organize paint class events, where the price of the ticket besides painting supplies included a certain amount of alcohol.


Paint and sip events are opportunities for being creative and socializing with other people in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. The events are mostly held in bars, restaurants, or specially adapted studios. The guests receive brushes, paint, canvas, and a glass or two of wine, beer, cocktail, or any non-alcoholic drink.


Freed from all pressure, accompanied by your favorite drink, all that remains for you is to awaken the creative process within yourself and the fun can begin.


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Most participants choose wine, but few of the guests opt for beer, a cocktail, or juice. Paint, sip, socialize and fill your day with fun. As long as you do at least three of the four, you’re on the right track. The most acceptable description for the whole event is ‘when wine and painting come together, Paint and Sip events are created’.


Overall it is a different way of experiencing art and at the same time enjoying it. It’s a group painting where everyone can drink their favorite drink and create a masterpiece at the same time.


Therefore, bear in mind that Paint and Sip events are informal paint classes where people without any kind of pressure and paint experience paint and enjoy a glass of wine from the beginning to the end. Many testimonies confirm that paint and sip events are exciting experiences that offer a bunch of entertainment.


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Additionally, it can be a perfect place for team building where you try to highlight your painting creativity in front of your colleagues or a place to celebrate your birthday. The possibilities are endless.



What To Expect At The Paint And Sip Event?


The experience of paint and sip events is unlike any event you have ever attended. But, before you decide to sign up for one of the paint classes, it’s worth knowing what you should expect. This is especially useful if you’re coordinating a larger group of participants or you want to persuade your boss to sign up your office sector for a paint class team-building event.


Read the article below and find out what to expect at the paint and sip event:


  • The participants usually get the task of drawing a specific topic (sometimes it is your own choice). The entire painting process is led by a host who shows step by step how a painting should be done and which techniques, colors, and brushes should be used. Because the painting class is intended to be fun, no experience or talent for drawing is necessary. All you need is a desire to have a good time and fun is guaranteed.


  • Each paint class session lasts 3 hours at most. It’s recommended to arrive 20 minutes before the start of the event to get seated, order your food and drink, You shouldn’t eat beforehand, because of the wide selection of delicious food.


  • Dress appropriately like for a night out, because paint and sip events are perfect places for meeting new people. Be aware that aprons will be provided for every guest to protect your clothes. A helpful tip to all of you, avoid white pants as you can easily stain them.


  • You don’t need to bring anything with you. All tools needed for painting, brush, paints, and canvas are provided by the studio. Everything is covered by your ticket, including food and drink.


  • You are allowed to take your painting with you after the painting class has ended. After all, it’s your work and you can proudly display it on your wall at home.


  • Most paint and sip events allow for your partner, friend, or cousin to come with you. You should check this option with the organizer beforehand.


  • Expect that paint and sip events are filled with a great relaxed atmosphere. You won’t do your painting in silence, so you will have a chance to sing, even dance or just relax without any care!


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Why Attend Paint And Sip Events?


There are plenty of reasons why you should try paint and sip experience at least once in your life. Certain scientific researchers say that painting has an impact on improving cognitive abilities and mental health. But let’s look at each of them individually and get to know them.


  • It helps you to stay focused. Painting activity requires concentration, first of all. You need to mix colors, draw some shapes, and so on. All of that, in a relaxed environment without any external pressure. The acquired experience will help you realize the benefit of focusing on achieving a set goal.


  • It helps to boost your self-confidence. Do not despair if you are not satisfied at first. Keep in mind that the paint and sip event is a painting class led by professionals. They oversee the entire process from the start to the finish and are at your disposal for anything you need, for any suggestion, help, assistance, or anything just feel free to ask. They will awaken your creative spirit and make you a better painter in the end.


  • It contributes to being more patient. You can’t make the process faster during the painting process. You simply can not jump the phases. If you skip only one step, the final result will not look as you wish. Painting is a slow process that requires patience, above all.


  • It helps you to meet new people with similar affinities as you. You will be surrounded by other painting lovers. During a painting class, you are allowed to walk around, talk with the participants, share experiences, and even sing, dance, and so on. It’s a good opportunity to find a friend or even a partner. Why not? There are various themes to start a conversation with the other guests.


Learn more about paint and sip events held in the Brisbane area and pick your favorite one. Bring out your creativity, awaken the spirit of Picasso from within, and leave behind a creation that will last. All that enriched with a well-spent time filled with a pleasant atmosphere in your memory.


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How To Attend Paint And Sip Events?


If you like everything we have explained regarding the paint and sip event looks exciting and you are ready to participate in some paint class and learn more about registration and application. We are also informing you about some extra details that can be useful for you.


First of all, you have to register online with all your details: name, surname, email, residence, and so on. Because of using alcohol, you must register your ID number, too. After completing the registration you will get a confirmation mail with a verification code and a ticket for a specific paint and sip event.


The pleasure of participating at paint and sip varies between $25 and $50 depending on the offer. You can review all the costs of the event presented in the offer on the website. The seating fee includes canvas, brush, a glass of wine (or other alcoholic drink already offered), music, fun, and everything you need to create your masterpiece.


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Find out why more and more people have become crazy for paint and sip events in Australia in the last 10 years. Regardless of whether it is for a birthday celebration, a girl’s party or just socializing with friends, people are asking for as many tickets as possible.


It is very easy to find the paint and sip event that will suit your needs. Adhere to the registration guide described above in the text and have an unforgettable afternoon or night with your friends, family, or partner.


Final Thoughts


Paint and sip event as the less formal concept of paint class is not only a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends or family, but it is also useful to get away from various daily duties. It is a chance to give your brain some rest and reduce tension from you.


Sign up for paint and sip classes and enjoy your creation. Get out of everyday reality for at least two hours, unleash your creativity and inspire yourself. And we hope that this guide has given you all the info you need to do so!