The craze of the paint and sip – why are they so popular?

Over the last 10 years Brisbane and Australia has seen people going crazy for paint sip classes. Whether be for a date, hen’s party or social catchup – people are flocking to these events in huge numbers. What’s behind this trending craze?

The paint and sip can be many things to many people, to start with it’s often a curiosity. Having not done art since grade 8 high school, how will we go attempting to replicate this impression image in front of us? And people of course wonder ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ What better way to see why paint and sips are so popular than to try one (with the exception of reading this article 😊).

The next bit of ground a paint and sip covers is the chance to unwind and ‘escape’. There’s no doubt it is easy to lose oneself becoming completely focused on the colours and brushstrokes in front of you. After all, people are going to see you’re painting on social media so you better give it your best shot. Totally absorbed, a paint and sip will let you forget about life for a while and many find the process therapeutic.

Then there is the social side. With classes typically of 20 people or more, you will feel like you’re back in the classroom of yesteryear, surrounded by a similar cohort. Perhaps a class clown will even make themselves known, and the teacher will no doubt be hoping for at least a little bit of class quiet as they try to get their message across, as you and your friends catch up.

Or perhaps it’s a date you’re on – if so, what a great choic! With an activity to take the pressure off and provide talking points, a paint and sip also allows for many flirtatious opportunities that anyone can enjoy. Just be careful to avoid your date’s beautiful dress when you paint your name on their arm.

As the Aussie health trend continues, with more and more people making concerted efforts to cut back on drinking; ironically the paint and sip allows you the perfect social outlet if you’re on a dry July, Octsober or otherwise sobrius period. Whilst you may not be drinking and trying not to eat out so much, you’re still keen to head out on a Friday or Saturday night and the paint sip allows you to be out and social whilst sticking to your new year’s resolution. Then you and you’re less restrained mates can be both be happy!

So as you can see, the paint and sip offers many drawcards. As someone who has done over 20 of them – I can speak from experience! Isn’t it time you saw what all  the fuss was about?