It is Saturday night and you are looking for a creative outlet or a unique way to spend the evening. You come across something named paint and sip in Brisbane but you aren’t sure what the idea of this event is and even if you are suitable to join a paint class.


So what are paint and sip events and where did the entire idea come from? We are here to help!


This article focuses on guiding you through the world of paint and sip events, why you should join such an event and how to find the best paint and sip in Brisbane!


Let’s dive in!


What Is A Paint And Sip Event?


Paint and sip events are professionally-led paint class in a specially designed environment in combination with a few drinks.


Paint and sip in Brisbane is a great way to spend a fantastic evening with friends or just hang out and meet new people! When wine and painting are combined, “paint and sip” events are created. Overall it is a different way of experiencing art, and at the same time enjoying your favorite drink.


Paint and sip are fun events, where you have a paint class and you drink your favorite drink, and the best part is that you do not need to have experience or talent for painting. All you need is good humor and the desire to learn something new.


A lot of people will say that they are not creative enough and therefore paint and sip events aren’t for them but these limiting beliefs will only prevent them from enjoying some of the best paint and sip in Brisbane. If you are one of them it is time to shake off the fear and anxiety and join a paint class with people who also don’t have painting experience.


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Benefits Of Painting and Mental Health


Researchers have long studied the influence of painting on the brain and mental health. Here are some of the benefits of painting:


  • Confidence boost
  • Be present and patient
  • Focus on one thing
  • Appreciate the colors of the nature
  • Be happy, feel good, and appreciate yourself!


Having all these amazing benefits in mind, there is absolutely no reason for you not to book the next paint and sip in Brisbane and create many memories!

History Of Paint And Sip Events


The beginnings of Paint and Sip date back to Birmingham, Alabama in 2002 at a studio of a young lady Wendy Lovol who was teaching children and adults how to paint. During the lessons, she noted that children are faster painters compared to adults. Children will simply finish faster while adults will be a little bit uncertain about their creative abilities. To ensure that all her adult students will finish their paintings by the end of the paint class and have time to enjoy the process at the same time, Wendy decided to bring some drinks to encourage them. She noted that releasing tension leads to creativity.


Soon the idea spread around town and many other paint studios started implementing the pain and sip method for adults. Today paint and sip events are spread all over the world and now you have to experience the pleasure of paint and sip in Brisbane.


What Happens At A Paint And Sip Event?


Paint and sip in Brisbane is a group paint class where everyone can drink their favorite wine or some other beverage and at the same time create a masterpiece. Everything happens in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and the participants aren’t pressured to finish their work.


Few Things To Note Before Attending Paint And Sip in Brisbane


You don’t need to bring anything with you. Classes are paid in advance and all of your painting supplies, protective smocks, drink glasses, corkscrews, and ice buckets are provided by the organizer. The only requirement for you is to bring a wide smile!


You have free space for your food and drink. You shouldn’t worry about spoiling your paint canvas because you will have an additional table to accommodate food plates, bottles, or glasses. Also, your painting table will have enough space for all paint brushes, colors and materials you may need. If you need any special accommodation please inform the organizers of paint and sip in Brisbane in advance.


These are adult classes. The age group of the event is over 25. The very thought of it as a combination of painting and alcohol alludes to the fact that it is forbidden for young adults under the drinking age. You will be asked to provide your legal ID.


It is recommended to come to the event 30 minutes in advance to prepare your food and beverages and enjoy a bit of downtime with your group before the paint class officially begins.


You have complete guidance during your painting process. Each session has one painting and the supervisors will lead you through the process step-by-step. At the end of the event, you can take your paint with you and you can proudly display it in your home.


If you decide to attend some paint and sip event in Brisbane you have to book in advance and make an online payment so that the organizers have enough time to prepare the chair, art materials, and enough food and drink to meet your needs.

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How Long Do Sip And Paint Events Go For?


The paint class length depends on the painting your studio chooses, but it usually lasts around 3 hours, so you can plan a good part of your day for this activity.


Usually, after the class, the group will gather for some group photos and exchange opinions and ideas. If the group clicks together then the event can be extended for a couple more hours.

4 Sip And Paint in Brisbane Events You Shouldn’t Miss!


Here are four of the best paint and sip events Brisbane has to offer:


1.   Frida’s Paint And Sip Event


Very first high-quality paint and sip studio located in the rear of a historic Paddington corner building, shining with luxury. Decorated with modern chandeliers, glassware, and lavish timber benches.


You will surely enjoy 2.5-hour sessions led by professionally trained artists, step by step to create your very own masterpiece.


From the very beginners to experienced painters, Frida’s paint and sip event is a place where creativity is combined with enjoyment. The hosts ensure your every need is catered to.


Tickets are $66 per session.


2.   Class Bento’s Paint And Sip Events

Ideal for team-building activities, Class Bento’s paint, and sip events offer a unique experience for you to discover your unique personal art style and spend unforgettable time connecting with your friends in a fun and relaxed environment.


Grab the paintbrush and let your imagination pore to the canvas. Don’t need to be Picasso or Mikelangelo to attend one of these events. Just enjoy the night with art and some wine and allow the creativity to come out of you.


To participate you have to book in advance on the website. Additionally, with every booking, you support Dementia Australia.


Tickets prices vary from $25 to $70 depending on the group size and type.


3.   Pinot and Picasso Paint And Sip Event


Pinot and Picasso paint and sip event is a perfect option if you are looking for Friday night fun in South Brisbane. Select your local studio and choose your session online in advance and indulge in the pleasure.


It is allowed to bring your food or a bottle of wine with you. The event is guided and supervised by experienced professionals who will try to awaken the Picasso in you. Their sip and paint classes are relaxed with absolutely no expectations or pressure.


Pinot and Picasso paint and sip events guarantee quality time spent in a relaxed atmosphere where all of the painting materials are included in the ticket price. Perfect for bachelorette, birthday, or a cooperative team-building party.


Tickets are $59 per person.

4.   Byron Bay Sunset and Painting paint and sip event


Located in the center of Byron Bay, the Sunset and Painting paint and sip event offers a pleasant experience that is guaranteed to boost your creative spirit. It is a delicate sensory experience of paint, wine, and music.


Learn how to paint the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay at this relaxing class in Brisbane. The class is designed for no experienced painters and invites you to enjoy a sip of your favorite drink as you capture the sunset or the sunrise of the beach on your canvas.


Tickets start at $60 per person.

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Final Thoughts


Paint and sip in Brisbane is an informal paint class where people with or without any painting background can enjoy a nice evening accompanied by a glass of wine, brandy, cocktail, or any non-alcoholic drink. It is an excellent idea for a birthday celebration, team building, or just to enjoy some free time with your loved ones.


Paint and sip parties are remarkable activities for spending some quality time with your family or friends, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to give yourself a break from your hard daily duties and release tension from you. Don’t hesitate anymore, pick the event that most suits your needs and desires and indulge in this hedonistic activity!