Business Collaborations & Job Opportunities

We regularly partner with a range of businesses in a variety of forms. We’ll frequently use hospitality venues to visit\host events, as well as party boats. We are open to selling other events, provided they are ‘on brand’ with the rest of our offers, (we wouldn’t sell accounting seminars) and don’t directly compete with what we already sell. This would involve a small commission.

With a generic Brisbane ethos, we are open to helping other Brisbane small businesses through advertising with a mutual collaboration.

Additionally, we are always looking for ambassadors/volunteers with strong social media presences who may be able to help us promote our events. Or if it’s blog writing that’s your skill, we may have openings for Brisbaneites passionate about what’s on in our bustling city, with strong writing skills

If any of this sounds like you, be sure to send us an email at [email protected]

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