Brisbane is one of the most remarkable cities in the world. From the sacred legends of the Aboriginals, through the beckoned coral reefs, rainforests, and red desert, to armchair travelers describing Brisbane as the perfect destination for dreamers, Brisbane is a symbiosis of the old and new that will take your breath away. That is why the most popular tourist attractions in Brisbane deserve all praise.


Brisbane Tours

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But traveling to Brisbane without a well-planned schedule is like walking in the desert without a bottle of water. That is why we have created our ultimate tourist attraction Brisbane guide for 2022.


Not only you are guaranteed not to miss any tourist attraction in Brisbane but also you will find the best activities tailored to your age, lifestyle, and fitness.


No more anticipation – let’s go!


Things To Do In Brisbane?

1.   Learn About Aboriginal Culture


Things to do brisbane

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On top of our list of things to do in Brisbane is a visit to one of the local Aboriginal tribes. This experience is like no other on our tourist attraction Brisbane list because it will bring you back in history and make you feel special and unique. You can taste the Aboriginal spirit and learn more about their past, habits, culture, and everyday life. We have prepared a list of the best tours you can book immediately.


Take a look at some Aboriginal day tours near Brisbane.


  • Spirit of the red sand is an Aboriginal experience located in Beenleigh, not more than 45 minutes far away from Brisbane. It is an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the theatrical experience of Aboriginal life. You can see their normal daily routine, including boomerang painting and listen to Dreamtime fairytales. The evening is enriched with a three-course dinner and stories about Aborigine’s past.


  • Blackcard tours allow you to explore Meanjin (the ancient name of Brisbane city) with an original Aboriginal guide. You will find out about their art and the ancient knowledge retold from generation to generation. There are also amazing cultural performances, included in the tour.


  • Birrung gallery and dining is located at the center of the city. It’s an authentic and Aboriginal-owned and operated cultural hub with an art gallery, licensed wine bar, and performance space. The guests can relax in the cafe and look around the art exhibits spread out across the entire space. There is also a market, operating every second Saturday of the month where the guests can purchase unique products from local artists.


Aboriginal Culture Brisbane

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As you may see Aboriginal tour is one of the most diverse and unique tourist attractions in Brisbane and you definitely should spare a whole day to fully experience this tour.


2.   Visit Museums And Galleries


When we talk about Brisbane culture, we must mention that a rich cultural offer with galleries, street art, museums, and theaters exists here. There are a lot of cultural tourist attractions in Brisbane, so we singled out the best of the best, worth visiting while you travel here.


To Do Brisbane

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  • Stunning street art is spread all across Brisbane city and its surroundings. You can experience it in every city corner, literally. The Brisbane city art is a sum of outdoor sculptures, graffiti, and adorned alleyways. You can simply wander through the city and rela We recommend you visit Superordinary, Mary St, William Jolly Bridge, 45a Burnett Lane, and Queen Street Mall.


  • The Museum of Brisbane is located in the city center and here you can learn about the city, its evolution, growth and falls, rich history, and much more. Different thought-provoking collections with definitely take your breath away. They are all exhibited on the top floor location in the renewed Brisbane City Hall, which also allows a view of the primordial Clock Tower and copper dome.


Brisbane Museum

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  • Queensland Museum, settled in South Bank, is a magnet for all fans of science, natural history, and cultural heritage. It offers an extensive array of collections and exhibitions from the prehistoric past and natural biodiversity. It is a tempting tourist attraction in Brisbane for all those who want to learn something new about First Nations People’s traditions and modern-day inventions. Do not forget the Spark Lab science center which attracts the youngest science enthusiasts. It wakes up their curiosity with special exhibits, activities, and life science experiments.


  • Brisbane Arts Theatre is located in Petrie Terrace. It is also named The Biggest Little Theater in Australia. The captivating and innovative productions have been an integral part of the theater, since its opening in 1936. The theater is also a home for all artistic beginners that provides training sessions for them, including those behind the scenes.


Brisbane Tour Guide

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However, Brisbane has a lot more to offer in terms of music, visual arts, and artistic experiences therefore a cultural tour is recommended to be on your things-to-do Brisbane list.

3.   Take An Island Day Tour


An island day tour is recommended for all adventure lovers. A real paradise located on the islands along the Brisbane coast awaits you. Put the excursion in your things to do Brisbane checklist and you will not regret it.


Find out why Queensland’s locals have always adored the islands. They offer unforgettable moments, through stunning sand islands and short walking tours. Let’s review our list of top locations:


  • Bribie Island is a remarkable tourist attraction in Brisbane that deserves to be put on your things to do Brisbane You can get to the island using shuttles that operate from the Brisbane Airport. Also, you could take a bus to Caboolture train station. The island offers an extraordinary experience by kayak and you can also see dugongs along your way. In addition, you have an opportunity to explore the beach and its white sand or just take your towel and park yourself near the water.


  • North Stradbroke Island is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and stunning island scenery. Our suggestion of things to do in Brisbane when it comes to this island is the mandatory visit to the freshwater lakes. We single out Brown Lake, which is filled with brown rainwater from native tea trees. Blue Lake is also worth visiting. It is also called the ‘deep silent pool’, sacred to the Quandamooka people.


Moreton Island Brisbane Attraction

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  • Moreton Island is recommended to be visited at night. This adventure offers snorkeling activities in sunken ships, and the dunes are ideal for four-wheel driving activities. You can also have a rare opportunity to feed the dolphins directly from your hand. The fulfilled day is ending with an overnight stay at Tangalooma Island Resort.


4.   Go On A Shopping Spree


Brisbane is a real fashion city. An ideal occasion for all shopping lovers who enjoy a shopping spree. From high-class local boutiques to an ultra-modern Mall, the city follows the newest fashion trends.


Brisbane City Attraction James Street

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The inner city area is the hottest precinct for shopping. James Street stands out in its own city’s fashion scene and attracts visitors again and again. There are more than 100 women’s specialty chain stores, such as Mister Zimi, Carla Zampatti, Sass and Bide, etc. but Richards and Richards’s menswear store can be found here, too. You can also find a lot of jewelers, local cinemas, top-class restaurants, coffee bars, and many other facilities. If you want to take a break and enjoy a tasty meal or cold drink you can visit the  Howard Smith Wharves precinct, filled with beautiful restaurants and hotels.


Things to do at Brisbane

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Among the things to do in Brisbane, visiting the Westfield Chermside mall is a good idea, too. It is located in the northern suburb of the Chermside area, just a 20-minute drive from the center of Brisbane. The mall has a rich offer with boutiques and niche stores, restaurants, a children’s playground area, and different outdoor-indoor experiences that capture the vibe of the city. Honestly, it is a true delight for all generations.



5.   Enjoy Local Cuisine And Drinks


You haven’t really seen true Brisbane if you don’t try the local cuisine and drinks. In fact, it is one of the most interesting things to do in Brisbane. So, what kind of cuisine and drinks are worth tasting? – Here is a shortlist.


Brisbane Attraction Eat Street

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  • Eat Street Northshore has operated since 2013 and it has become the most delicious food destination in Brisbane. On the site of the old Hamilton dock, this street has become an ultimate dining spot that attracts hungry crowds from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. The area has more than 50 food containers with food stalls. You can find Aussie fish and chips, Korean sliders, Japanese pizzas, classic hamburgers, snails in garlic, vegan brownies, and much more.


Brisbane Wine Tours

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  • A Brisbane wine tour or wine holiday is the perfect way to try Australian Often, many people visit wineries and vineyards to witness the process of harvesting, processing, and preparing wines. Around the city of Brisbane, many wineries offer the full experience and you can book them online.


  • Craft beer tours bring together craft beer lovers. Designed to meet all the expectations of hedonists. You will take a look “behind the scenes” in the production of beer, so you will be accompanied by top brewmasters on the journey. This a rare opportunity to discover new beer styles in the Brisbane area and get to know new tastes and combinations. As we learned from a top brewmaster, imagination is an important element in beer production and it has no limits.


Final Thoughts


We hope we managed to help you learn something new about things to do in Brisbane. If you are planning to visit the city shortly, this guide will serve to make your stay in Brisbane easier and more beautiful at the same time.