Brisbane is a beautiful city that flourishes in a mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage. From the old Aboriginal settlements to today’s economic and demographic expansion, Brisbane has become a destination for so many travellers from all around the world who are hungry to taste some of the best tourist attractions that Brisbane offers. Many tourists who have visited Brisbane define the city as mystical, hiding a secret inside. Like a buried treasure waiting to be discovered to shine in full glory.


If you are interested in what to do in Brisbane and you are looking for new and undiscovered places you want to visit, then this article is just for you. It could serve you as a tourist guide during your vacation in Brisbane.


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Top Tourist attractions in Brisbane


We were on a very difficult quest to single out our top suggestions for what to do in Brisbane. Among the plenty of them who deserved to be found on the list below, we decided on the following ones:


1. Brisbane River Cruise


If leisure and relaxation are in mind for your vacation in Brisbane then some of the Brisbane River Cruise options should be your next tourist attraction in Brisbane. Top service on riverboats, food, and stunning Brisbane landscape that leave no one indifferent now from another angle – cruising.


The essence of river cruising is enjoyment. If you decide on this type of excursion, you will get everything in one: you will learn something interesting about the history of the city and the Brisbane River plus you will try local gastronomic specialties, enjoy historical landmarks and see the homes of the super-rich along the river while drinking iced cold beer from the bar.


Brisbane Tourist Attraction - River Cruise

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The opportunity to see a lot with minimal effort, with a lot of time for rest and socializing is certainly tempting for seniors. Still, the cruise is also ideal for those who want a meaningful vacation with very few planning preparations.


Parents with children are also welcomed on cruises. Sailing on the river leaves a strong impression on the little ones. New destinations and the entertainment of sailing manage to keep them interested. The cruise also provides an opportunity to relax, discover buried puzzles of Brisbane, taste some great wines, beers, brandies, and liqueurs, and take great photos for the most original posts on social networks.


Things to do Brisbane

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2. Explore Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)


For all of you who want to explore Brisbane’s art galleries and are willing to dive into a collage of more than 19.000 pieces of art from all across the world, QAGOMA should be a mandatory stop on your what to do in Brisbane agenda. Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art is home to some of the world’s best-known masterpieces from the past until the present day and will enchant you with their beauty.


The gallery is also suitable for the youngest ones because the Children’s Art Center is an integrated part of the facility. It’s an amazing place for your children to spend a quality day and can learn more about the world and domestic art.


Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)

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When you are tired from walking through the halls of the gallery you can rest at some of the restaurants, coffee bars, or food and refreshment establishments inside the gallery. You can also pick a material reminder from the gift shop. With this, you have everything you need to spend a good day in this tourist attraction in Brisbane.


To Do Brisbane

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3. Experience Aboriginal Culture


Are you one of those travelers who always want to experience new things in life? If you find yourself in that company, you are welcomed to the world of ancient traditions shielded by modern technology. Past, present, and future come together here to showcase a unique palette of cultural diversity.


Australian Aborigines are considered to be the oldest surviving culture in the world. Although times may have changed and modern technology may have invaded, the spirit of tradition still survives.


tourist attraction brisbane

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Aboriginal culture came before the pyramids and the Acropolis itself. Dating back more than 50,000 years, it is one of the oldest living cultures to this day. Although cultural traditions may have existed before that, this is one of the very few that can still be experienced. If you are planning to visit Brisbane, then hiring an Aboriginal guide who will take you on a tour of the ancient culture could be a good choice. For non-domestic travelers, getting to know Australian Aborigines is the first and perhaps most important step in getting to know the country.


Here is a list of our favorite tours:


  • Blackcard cultural tours at Brisbane city center
  • Birrung gallery and dining at Brisbane city center
  • Spirits of the red sand at Beenleigh Historical Village


This cultural tour is definitely on the what do in Brisbane list of many world travelers and one of the most impressive things about Australia in general.


4. South Bank and The Wheel of Brisbane


South Bank is one of Brisbane’s premier tourist destinations. Travelers from all around the world have fallen in love with the place. Located on the southern part of the Brisbane River, the area is filled with lush parklands, world-class restaurants, scenic river views, and a huge amount of delightful events all year around. There are also free entertainment events for children aged less than 5 years every Thursday morning at Kids Collective South Bank. The event covers specially designed children’s activities to educate children, from musical plays to tailored craft workshops.


tourist attractions - eye of brisbane

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It is one of the most remarkable areas in Brisbane and a place you must include on your list of tourist attractions in Brisbane. This area is also on our list of things you must know about Brisbane.


During your visit to Brisbane, you should single out a part of the day to enjoy the remarkable 360-degree panoramic view of spectacular Brisbane city. Located at South Bank Parklands, The Wheel of Brisbane is a real landmark of the South Bank precinct. It can reach 60 meters long from the ground and the fun is guaranteed in enclosed, air-conditioned gondolas with a capacity of up to 8 people in each one. No reservations are required in advance, just willpower for a good adventure.



5. Day Trip to Moreton Island


Moreton Island is an island on the east side of Moreton Bay on the coast of Southeast Queensland, Australia, and 95% of the island is located in a national park. It’s a popular destination for day trips, four-wheeler rides, camping, recreational fishing, and whale watching, and it is located only a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane.


It is the third-largest sand island in the world, less known as the traditional land of Ngugi before the beginning of colonization.


Brisbane Day Trip - Moreton Island

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Moreton Island can boast of at least five lighthouses that have been built on the island. There are several freshwater lakes, formed on the island over the years. As the groundwater below the island fills with rain, large lakes are formed. The Blue Lagoon is the largest and most popular on the east side of the island.


You can also pick a day tour from some of the tour operators and you will have an opportunity to taste all the pleasures that Moreton Island has to offer with an experienced guide in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. A picnic lunch on the beach and soaking in the tropical scenery of Moreton Island is included on the tour, for complete satisfaction without any worries.


6. Botanical Gardens


Botanical Gardens are one of the most visited tourist attractions in Brisbane. They are a convenient destination for all nature lovers. Scattered at 56 hectares area, they are the pure beauty of the city. Seemingly forgotten paradise in the heart of Brisbane, that abounds in greenery and collage of animals that attract everyone.


There are different events that Botanical gardens have to offer like: free guided walks, stunning picnic areas, and a living museum of native and exotic plant collections. It’s the perfect place for resting your eyes and soul.


Brisbane Tourist Attraction - City Botanic Gardens

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The gardens were built in 1976 and until the present day, they are open for all visitors tired of urban hustle and noise. They are open every day from 8 AM to 6 PM on summer days and from 8 AM to 5 PM on winter days. The entrance to the botanical gardens is free.


You are allowed to use a bicycle on specially dedicated pathways, unlike skateboards and scooters. Car access is permitted, except on weekends, public holidays, and weekdays from 4 pm.


7. Koala Sanctuary


The Koala Lonely Pine Sanctuary is the oldest and largest koala shrine globally, located in the Brisbane suburb of Pocket Fig in Queensland. The shrine began with two koalas called Jack and Jill. The Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane became internationally famous during World War 2 when Americans visited the park to view Native Australian animals.


 Brisbane Koala Sanctuary

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The wildlife of the sanctuary includes koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, and various species of reptiles, as well as the Strange Beak. Visitors can also take a photo or pet a koala for a fee. Strict regulations ensure that each koala is not held for more than thirty minutes each day. Fees paid for souvenir photos help fund new enclosures, research projects, and eucalyptus plantations. Visitors can also feed and pet free-range kangaroos at the reserve, which is home to more than 130 animals.


Brisbane attraction Koala Sanctuary

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Final Thoughts


Whatever you decide from the list above, you will certainly not regret it. Brisbane is always ready to be discovered and eager to provide endlessly beautiful moments. Once you visit Brisbane you will want it over and over again. Let’s start building your what to do in Brisbane list.