Brisbane is a simple and unique city with an abundance of natural beauty in every sense of the word. There is a little bit for every age and group type visiting Brisbane.


Rich with history and unique tourist attractions Brisbane is worth a visit for a quick getaway trip or long family vacation. Additionally, the day tours Brisbane offers are unique trips that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


If we have intrigued your imagination just a little bit then keep on reading and go with us on an outstanding journey that will be etched in your memory for years to come.


This article focuses on describing the best tourist attractions in Brisbane and the day tours Brisbane offers and presenting a plethora of things to do while visiting Brisbane.


Let’s go!


1.   South Queensland Coastal Walks

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The thought of the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea provokes a unique feeling of bliss. Want to swim for hours, walk along the beach and breathe the wonderful sea air? Look no further than South Queensland Coastal Walks!

The sea contains all the elements important for the health of our organism – sodium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, cobalt, and even silver and gold. A bracing sea breeze that spoils your body and soul and waves crashing with rocks are some of the reasons we love coastal walks by the ocean. This amazing selection of coastal walking trails has it all – golden sands, unforgettable hikes, and dazzling wildlife.


Here are the five most beautiful coastal walks you can enjoy on your day tours from Brisbane:


  • Mount Coolum – A hiking trail at a gentle height of 197m that ends with a panoramic view of the natural beauty on the shining coastline.


  • Kings Beach in Caloundra – A unique beach surrounded by giant rock formations and pools that you can walk through. Most of the path is covered with a wooden boardwalk but there are several opportunities to deviate from the path and enjoy a quality sip of coffee at one of the bars along the way.


  • Bongaree Walkabout – Bribie Island – An amazing walk along the Bribie foreshore allows you to see the unique history of this place. You can pause the walk and go swimming or you could enjoy a coffee or ice cream in some of the bars. Breaking through 200 years old bushes are reserved for the more adventurous walkers.


  • Point Lookout North Stradbroke Island – This coastal walk is the perfect mix between walking and meeting with abundant wildlife. During the walk, you will surely come across turtles, kangaroos, koalas, and dancing dolphins on the beach. If your walk is between November and June you could also see the migrating whales.


  • Wellington Point To King Island – If you have ever wanted to walk across the sea, you should do a coastal walk from Wellington point to King Island. Children will enjoy a 2km walk splashing through the water, spotting crabs and water birds during their chase for food.


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These coastal walks are some of the best tourist attractions in Brisbane for people who love nature, enjoy long walks, and want to see unique wildlife.


2.   Moreton Island Day Trip


Moreton Island is the third-largest sand island in the world. As an outstanding choice for a full-day tour from Brisbane, it is a trip across the island full of unforgettable experiences. One thing is for sure, a blissful day spent at the beach, with many sites for snorkeling, and enormous dunes are something that will make your day an incredible adventure.


The center of the island is the Moreton park but the additional activities include, a picnic at the beach, snorkeling, diving, swimming, and lots and lots of sunbathing. Not to forget to mention the amazing wildlife you can even see dolphins. Additionally, you can join a group for some night kayaking, visit the Tagaloma desert, visit Queensland’s first lighthouse, and walk to Honeymoon Bay.


You can go on this adventure alone by taking the ferry from Brisbane and after a 75min ride you are on the island or you can book a tour with some of the tour agencies available in Brisbane. All-day tours in Brisbane are organized by experienced guides and you no need to worry about anything.


If you book a tour, you can expect to have a picnic lunch on the beach, equipment for all of the activities will be provided, and the guide will point out the best stop points for snorkeling.


A unique snorkel point is the Tangalooma Wrecks, purposely scuttling 15 ships that created a break wall, now packed with colorful corals, tropical fish, and sea turtles. You could also use transparent kayaks to enjoy a view of the reef.


Moreton Island day trip is one of the most requested day tours from Brisbane and there is a reason for that. It is a unique experience that even the pickiest travelers will enjoy. However, the Moreton Island day trip is one of the tourist attractions in Brisbane that is most often recommended to avid swimmers and adventure seekers.


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3.   Australia Zoo – Home Of the Crocodile Hunter

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All wild animal lovers will enjoy a tour of more than 1200 animals from all around the world at one of the famous Australia Zoo—Home of the Crocodile Hunter. The zoo was founded by the most famous Crocodile Hunter in the world – Steve Irwin. The legendary Steve Irwin is the star of the zoo, therefore you can see his legacy throughout the entire park. This park has a mission to educate visitors about wildlife and at the same time to develop an awareness of endangered species. Educational demonstrations by animal handlers are part of the visitor’s program. It is an amazing day tour in Brisbane for everyone who wants to live the life of Steve Irving even for one day.


You can walk among impressive birds, mammals, world-famous Tasmanian devils, other reptiles, wombats, dingoes, and kangaroos. Enjoy a wide range of animals from all around the world like giraffes, zebras, and rhinos. You can also spot snakes, crocodiles, and other creatures that helped make the Crocodile Hunter famous.  There is even an exciting Wildlife Warriors show and wildlife hospital for wounded or sick animals.


Additional useful tips that all visitors must remember are:

  • Hat and sun protection are recommended
  • All visitors must respect the rules of the park
  • You are not allowed to touch the animals unless instructed otherwise


A unique thing you can do at Australia Zoo is participating in their Adopt an Animal program which allows you to donate funds and in that way help the Zoo take care of that particular animal and help other animals as well. You definitely won’t be allowed to take the animal home but you will be sent follow-up updates on the progress and journey of your animal of choice.


Australia Zoo also pays an homage to the Gubbi Gubbi people who are the customary owners of the land where the zoo is located.


Overall, the zoo is a unique tourist attraction Brisbane has to offer and it is a full-day adventure for all generations.


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4.   Springbrook National Park

Springbrook Waterfalls Bribane Tourist Attractions

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Among plenty of tourist attractions Brisbane has, one stands out. We are talking about a day tour across Springbrook National Park.


This national park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area and it covers 65580ha separated into four sections: Springbrook Plateau, Mount Cougal to the southeast, and Natural Bridge and Numinbah to the west.


A visit to the park is a whole day tour from Brisbane and the activities include camping, hiking, guided tours and walks, picnics and wildlife viewing, horseback riding, or just sitting and relaxing in the sun while breathing clean, fresh air.


However, because the park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Brisbane there is some damage to the landscape and lots of litter, and erosion. Therefore, here are a few things you must remember when visiting the park:


  • Do not feed the wildlife or leave scraps for the animals to find
  • Do not touch the animals or plants
  • Use the toilets onside
  • Take your rubbish with you
  • Don’t use soaps and detergents in the waterways, and keep your washing water far from the waterways
  • Stay on the designated walking and camping sites


Besides the restrictions, the Springbrook national park is a marvelous day tour from Brisbane and definitely worth the visit. It is most recommended to outdoor adventure seekers, camping, and hiking lovers who don’t mind getting wet or dirty.

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Final Thoughts


Whichever destination you choose you will not regret it, for sure. Each tour has the specifics that make it unique and set it apart from other tourist attractions in Brisbane.


We hope our article helped you pick the Brisbane day tour most suitable for your needs and desires and that you will enjoy it. If you are staying for a longer period then we definitely recommend you book them all and experience everything from sandy beaches to amazing wildlife and unique scenery.