The vibrant capital of Queensland, Brisbane is a charming place ideal for a summer or winter holiday. The attractive climate (subtropical) throughout the year makes the city colorful, exciting, and unique. According to polls, Brisbane is regularly at the top of the charts when it comes to quality of life. A wealth of green areas, as well as outdoor cinemas in combination with beautiful bodies of water, makes Brisbane a very happy place.


Brisbane is also one of the most important IT, financial, transport, and industrial centers in Australia. Also, Brisbane is a very important destination on the tourist map of this country. Like most of the Australian continent, the area where Brisbane is located was, before the settlement of Europeans inhabited by natives the Aborigines. Tourists now have the opportunity to visit a part of Aboriginal heritage in Brisbane’s museums and connect with history for a while.


Things To Do Brisbane City


Brisbane is filled with numerous gardens and lush greenery, amazing places of culture and art, but also top entertainment. Some of the most famous cafes and bars are located in Brisbane. The special atmosphere that reigns in these places is amazing. Brisbane provides real enjoyment, and that is the reason why it is the perfect destination for a dream trip.


So you are visiting Brisbane but you aren’t sure what things to do in Brisbane and what tourist attractions Brisbane offers? Don’t worry, our list of 5 things you should do in Brisbane will help you see every aspect of the city and enjoy different activities.


Let’s start!


5 Things You Should Do In Brisbane


The city is full of tourist destinations, ready to be explored. Brisbane simply captivates with its beauty. For all those who haven’t visited Brisbane so far, we have singled out 5 things they should do. Here is some helpful information that tourists are advised to follow during their visit to Brisbane.



1.     Brisbane City Markets


Brisbane City Markets lie on three main pillars: farmers, food, and lifestyle. Extended in two locations at the heart of Brisbane, the markets are places where you can get fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the gardens, premium local meats, handicraft products, fresh seafood, traditionally baked bread, and top gourmet food. This is undoubtedly a perfect chance to taste some of the freshest seasonal products in Australia and we warmly recommend you put them on your things to do at Brisbane list.


Brisbane City Market

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The first market is located at Reddacliff Place – 266 George Street at the end of Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD with working hours from 8 am until 6 pm every Wednesday. This market is a favorite place for Brisbane’s city workers and tourists as well. You will find around 85 pleasant and cheerful stallholders who with their positive energy. will make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, you will not be short on choices when it comes to provisions, gifts, or groceries. When you feel hungry just follow the smell of food and enjoy the pleasure of eating at one of the food stalls.


Birsbane City Attraction

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The second market is located at Cathedral Square – 410 Ann Street corner of Ann and Wharf Street, Brisbane, QLD with working hours from 8 am until 2 pm every Thursday. It is smaller than the first one but is large enough to accommodate any interested buyers, tourists, or those who just want to enjoy street eats. The market has the perfect places for making picnics, often enriched with the sounds of a guitar. That is why the visitors passing through the stands enjoy different sounds of music which in turn makes the place picturesque. Don’t forget fresh produce, homemade goodies, and even fresh flowers that are constantly offered to the visitors from the stalls.


Brisbane Tourist Attraction - Brisbane City Market

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The City Markets are a true tourist attraction in Brisbane and we recommend them to anyone looking to immerse in local cuisine, flavors, and smells.


2.     Burnett Lane and Albert Street


Burnett Lane stretches parallel to the Queen Street Mall between Albert Street and George Street and abounds with creative lights, perfect graffiti, and decent pedestrian access to the mall and Brisbane Square. The street was originally named by the early surveyor, James Charles and it has become one of the popular tourist attractions in Brisbane throughout the years. The oldest lane in Brisbane dates back to the period of convict days when the area was the site of the Prisoner’s Cells and Barracks. After the first cottages were raised on Adelaide Street, the laneway was constructed for easy access. Step on the lane where the first prisoners were being whipped 200 years ago and feel the history for a moment. This is the most adequate tourist attraction in Brisbane for all those who enjoy shopping.


Brisbane City Burnett Lane, Brisbane Attraction

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If you choose to put this historic street on your ‘things to do in Brisbane list’, we recommend starting the day with a sip of coffee at the mystic Brew Cafe & Wine Bar or stopping at the bright Felix for Goodness for a nutritious brunch. American-inspired petite bar Super Whatnot is waiting for you, later on, to offer a tasty snack in combination with an inevitable glass of beer.


Things to do brisbane

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Albert Street, on the other hand, offers a perfect mixture of shopping and dining. A real paradise for all shopping lovers who can enjoy an array of retailers including Kathmandu and the most popular brands of shoe stores like Aldo, Footgear, and Hype DC. There are plenty of stylish stores for all those who decide on a retail therapy fix.


Once you get tired of roaming across stores, you could feed yourself at some of the restaurants with Mediterranean food, some Burger stores for all burger- enthusiasts, or even Japanese restaurants like Sushi Sushi, Little Singapore Uptown, Harajuku Gyoza, Men Ya Go, and Kotobuki. Do not miss all the sweet pleasures lurking across the street such as Gelatissimo, Chocolate Moments, etc.


Brisbane Tourist Attraction - Albert Street Church

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There are a lot of things to do in Brisbane city center and Burnett Lane and Albert Street won’t disappoint any shopping fanatics.


3.     Take A Craft Beer Tour


Craft beer tours are a favorite tourist attraction in Brisbane for all lovers of quality beer. Single out one afternoon and try to taste as many beers as possible throughout this craft beer trail, hopping from one bar to another.


Felons Brewing Brisbane Attraction

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It is a rare opportunity to meet with the local craft beer tradition and enjoy the true taste of Brisbane.


Here are our favorite breweries:


  • Embassy Bar and Kitchen

Order a glass of beer from a traditional hand pump where the staff has to pour the glass manually.


  • Buffalo Bar

American craft beer was imported to Brisbane combined with originally chicken wings for complete enjoyment on the American way.


  • Riverland

Five independent street-food kitchens on your service with different flavors from around the world, 16 beer taps, and a 24-meters riverfront view.


  • Grand Central Cellars

Based next to Central Station, Grand Central Cellars has a wide range of this ‘holly drink’ (from basic Australian beers to unique craft beer).


  • Felons Brewery

This is the only microbrewery in Brisbane, with an opportunity to borrow a picnic rug for a complete enjoyment on the grass, drinking some of their craft beers.


Things to do at brisbane

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The beer tours are a unique thing to do in Brisbane and we recommend them to everyone who wants a relaxing day.


4.     River Tour


All river cruise lovers should fill their agenda of things to do in Brisbane with some of the Brisbane River tour options because it’s an unforgettable tourist attraction in Brisbane that combines history, relaxation, and sightseeing all in one.


The core of the river tour is enjoyment. If you were opt-in for this type of adventure, you will not only learn some interesting things about Brisbane’s history, but you could also taste some local gastronomic specialties and enjoy drinking cold beer from the bar.


Brisbane River Tour

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River tours are a real pleasure, especially for the oldest. Requiring minimal effort, with a sufficient amount of time for rest is suitable for seniors. Is there a bigger enjoyment than sailing across the Brisbane River, comfortably settled on the desk of the boat with a hat on the head, sunglasses on the eyes, and a camera, ready to capture every interesting sequence of the journey?


To Do Brisbane Activities

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A river tour is a tourist thing you should miss when traveling to Brisbane.


5.     QAGOMA


Looking for places filled with artwork may not be the first choice of most visitors anywhere. Most travelers often look for places with lots of recreational activities, adventurous moments, music concerts, and so on. But those who love art would appreciate the expansive collection of various masterpieces at the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art.


As the name suggests, while one collects art from different eras, the other collects basic works of art with a modern theme. In most cases, the exhibitions are free.


Brisbane City Tour QAGOMA

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So, even if you are traveling on a small budget, this is a great thing to do in Brisbane when touring the city. Although large exhibitions in this place require a registration fee, there are many more exhibitions you can visit in this place. Alternatively, you might want to admire the main attractions for a negligibly small fee.


The gallery is housed in a distinctive-looking building on the banks of the Brisbane River. It represents a cultural center that is regularly listed as one of the best museums in the country.


Dedicated to modern and contemporary art, the museum displays works of art by Australian, Asian, and Pacific artists, and temporary exhibitions are held all the time.


qagoma brisbane city

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Through a variety of media, its extensive collection explores many fascinating topics, such as activism, Aboriginal rights, and the environment. Sculptures and paintings are displayed alongside videos and photographs. The gallery of modern art that you must see if you are engaged in the art will surely make you think with its innovative and creative installations.


Final Thoughts


We hope our list of tourist attractions in Brisbane has given you plenty of things to do in Brisbane and has helped you plan your ideal vacation.