Brisbane is the port in the far east of Australia, the third largest city on the continent, the center of business, higher education, and culture, and the capital of the state of Queensland. It is located on the Brisbane River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean after 15 kilometers. Brisbane as a typical Australian metropolis is known for buildings from the XIX century that were built by the first settlers (convicts), skyscrapers made of concrete and steel, greenery, rivers, lakes, the ocean, the largest reserve for koalas in the world.


With a minimal number of rainy days and a tropical climate all year round, Brisbane is a must-see when visiting Australia. Known as a rather ‘relaxed’ city, unlike its bustling rivals Melbourne and Sydney, the visitors are attracted to numerous tourist attractions in Brisbane, located in its vicinity. The best time to stay in Brisbane is the months from March to May (autumn in the southern hemisphere), with temperatures between 25 and 29°C and a few degrees cooler in winter. In summer, temperatures hover around and above 30°C, but, in spring, showers with a large amount of rain, storms, and even floods are frequent.


Brisbane Tour


Brisbane is known for its sunny weather and swimming all year round, because the temperature rarely drops below 20-25 degrees Celsius in winter, so many tourists come here on vacation. Getting around the city is easy with ferries and catamarans that sail along the Brisbane River. The mild, subtropical climate and the relaxed but sophisticated culture attract many tourists, making the city particularly tempting for day trips to Brisbane.


Despite being a relatively young city, founded in 1824, it has reached a high level of sophistication and industrial, commercial, cultural, and tourist development, making it one of the country’s capitals. From an architectural point of view, the city of Brisbane is renovating some historic buildings that blend in with modern architecture, offering an interesting contrast between past, present, and future.


Top 5 Tourist Attractions In Brisbane


We have difficulties singling out only five tourist attractions in Brisbane to present in this article however, we have managed to single out tourist attractions in Brisbane that have captivated visitors for years. They are convenient for making day trips to Brisbane (if you are staying nearby), so it’s important to learn more about them before you visit Brisbane.


Let’s walk through some of the corners of this fantastic metropolis and find out what awaits you there.


1.   Story Bridge Adventure


Story Bridge adventure is a tourist attraction in Brisbane for all adrenalin-lovers. This is Brisbane’s most imposing creation and it’s a perfect way to see most of the city by climbing! You can enjoy an outstanding point of view of Brisbane city and all its surroundings. So, if you’re looking for day trips to Brisbane that you will remember for a long time in the future, Story Bridge adventure should be your must-do tourist attraction in Brisbane! It offers an unforgettable heart-stopping experience that you will not regret, for sure.


Brisbane tour story bridge


There are a few climbing options in Story Bridge Adventure. We have singled out the five most popular Story Bridge climbs according to the visitor’s testimonies. They are Twilight climb, Mission Skybeam, Cantilever Lean out, Walk the plank, and Day climb. All of these adrenaline activities can be made with community groups or as private climbs. A lot of birthday celebrations were organized here, so if you want to organize a dream birthday full of heart-stopping moments, one of the above excursions could be the right choice for you and your lovely ones.


Let’s notice that all of these days trips Brisbane excursions have different prices, but there are already tourist agencies who offer them in their program. It’s your turn to find one of them and sign up for your crazy day trips experience.


brisbane story bridge



2.   City Hall Clock Tower Tour

City Hall Clock Tower is living history. It offers a possibility to discover all the hidden mysteries of the City Hall building through an organized tour from the Museum of Brisbane. This is an experience for everyone, not only because of the free ticket but also because this tourist attraction Brisbane has to offer an amazing 360-degree view of Brisbane. It’s about a long tradition of journeys to the Tower and it persists to this day.


Visitors have the opportunity to ride in old working cage lifts to the tower and to take a look behind the largest clock in Australia. And the thrills are not stopping here. There is a possibility for exploring the observation platform with the outstanding perspective of Brisbane city.


Brisbane City Hall

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As we already stated, the tours are free, but you have to book a free ticket in advance for each one of your group. The capacity of every group is 4 people. The departure point for the tour is MoB Level 3, City Hall every 15 minutes within operating hours from 10:15 am until 04:45 pm every day. The tour is convenient for all age groups.


Brisbane City Tour

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3.   Day Trips from Brisbane


Brisbane is an inexhaustible sea when it comes to tourist offer programs. Whether you’re in town for a day or longer, every tourist attraction in Brisbane is tempting enough. The city offers various day trips from Brisbane for visitors, so words like boredom and monotony simply do not exist here. Day trips from Brisbane are opportunities to see and explore more. Let’s look at which day trips Brisbane are offered to the visitors, with some general features for each of them.


Gold Coast Brisbane Tour


  • Gold coast tour offers a unique walk with kangaroos and koalas, enriched with all activities that Surfers Paradise has to offer;
  • Tamborine mountain and gold coast tour is a trip to Tamborine mountain through bush trails, and rainforest, with a morning part with tea and wine and an afternoon part with enjoying the beach, tasty coffee, and even more.
  • Natural Bridge, Springbrook, and Gold coast city tour offer visiting five waterfalls in Springbrook National park and a walk accompanied by kangaroos.
  • Aquaduck City, river, and canal tour is a unique chance for an amphibious river cruise and to explore Surfers Paradise and all famous Surfers Paradise beaches along the coast.
  • Jet boating gold coast adventure tour offers an extraordinary adrenaline tour by 55 min jet boating experience and the option for an additional helicopter ride over the Gold Coast.
  • Scenic rim hot balloon and gold coast tour as one of the most used day trips Brisbane is an unforgettable balloon flight over the outstanding Scenic Rim area with breakfast included at the vineyard.

Brisbane City Tourist Attraction


There are 4 pick-up points for the above-listed day trips to Brisbane: Cineplex Southbank Bus stop, Roma Street Station, Sofitel Brisbane, and Royal on the Park. Pick-up is free, it’s included in the day trip price.


4.   Birunga Gallery And Dining In Brisbane


Birrung Gallery and Dining Brisbane is an Indigenous-owned gallery. It’s situated in the Central Business District and it offers various amazing tours through the whole gallery, native art exhibitions, classes and sales, and food and coffees with First Nations-inspired menus. The facility contains licensed cafe bars, restaurants, convention, and conference facilities, a public toilet, gift shops, and even more.


Birunga Gallery Brisbane

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The gallery offers numerous genuine Indigenous artifacts including clap sticks, prints, boomerangs, didgeridoos, spears, baskets, bullroarers, carvings, stretched canvases, fine art prints, and ceramics for purchase. All items are made to be easily stored in luggage. Many traveling and local Indigenous artists entertain the guests in the gallery space, giving an Indigenous spirit to the place.


The artists of the pictures exhibited at the gallery are onsite (including the principal artist and founder, Birrung Wiradyuri), communicating with the visitors, by describing the stories of their masterpieces. Birrunga Wiradyuri, through his paintings, delivers educational tours through an entertaining, inclusive, and interactive approach to truth-telling. Visitors have an opportunity to learn more about the mystical Aboriginal art and culture. Discover all hidden secrets about them and step into their way of life.


5.   Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Fortitude Valley is a suburb of Brisbane, known for its nightlife, alternative culture, and fantastic shopping. It is a large enough area, filled with several attractive points to visit, so it is advisable to set aside a whole day to visit the area.


There are some beautiful heritage buildings, such as the McWhirters building. You’ll also find plenty of festivals – the Valley is famous for its live music scene, day and night! The valley is also home to Brisbane’s Chinatown, where you’ll find great food and shopping and great international flavor. Not to forget the impressive China Mall, filled with Chinese restaurants and supermarkets. Several impressive hotels and branded boutiques also charm visitors. You have everything in one. The valley simply captivates with style, elegance, and splendor. It offers countless fun activities for youngsters. Fortitude Valley is a place where all generations come together. The place has something for everyone. That is why it has been and remains to this day one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Brisbane, perfectly suitable for day trips.


Brisbane Tour Fortitude Valley

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Be aware that Fortitude Valley can be a bit dangerous at night, especially at weekends. It might be better for solo travelers to enjoy what this place has to offer during the day. If you’re checking out the nightlife, don’t wander the dark lanes and be careful, especially around Brunswick Street.


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Final Thoughts


If some of the shared offers sound enticing enough, do not hesitate to put Brisbane on your must-visit list. There is so much to visit in Brisbane. We have singled out just a few tourist attractions in Brisbane to present to you, so it’s your turn to experience them in reality and share your impressions with us.


Choose one of the above days’ trips to Brisbane (or several of them) and spend a day or week full of excitement.