Don’t miss these 4 Tourist Attractions! Make sure they are on your to-do Brisbane list!

When we choose a location to visit, many reasons lead us to travel to a specific place. Some are driven by the desire to explore historical sites, others seek a break from hard work, and others want adventures and unique experiences.


Because it offers tourists everything they need, the fast-growing Brisbane is on the map of many world travelers, not only Australians. Brisbane is like an open museum in which history is woven into every corner. Additionally, Brisbane offers plenty of unique experiences, wine tours, paint and sips events, and things to explore that should be on the map of what to do Brisbane list for every traveler who opted to visit the city.


Additionally, Brisbane, although urban and densely populated, abounds in parks and forests, so it is also an ideal destination for a break and rest from everyday obligations.


But, let’s see what makes Brisbane so attractive.


Why Visit Brisbane? What To Do In Brisbane?


Brisbane is not only a big country town, as it was called sometimes in the past. Brisbane has slowly but surely begun to emerge as a tourist hub in the Southeast Queensland area in recent years. The resident population that reaches 2.4 million people is not the only thing that is growing in the city of Brisbane. There is an increased number of cafes, restaurants, bars, green spaces, and many other things that shape the tourist face of Brisbane.


Whether you wish to meet the tradition of breweries across Brisbane or you are more oriented toward cultural events in the city, you will not regret visiting Brisbane. We don’t even mention all the natural attractions lurking in the background waiting to be seen.


Brisbane Events


Have you ever heard that Brisbane is home to the biggest collection of craft breweries in Australia? Brisbane has ascended on the craft beer train with a few super dedicated people strong enough to open their breweries with authentic Brisbane beer taste. On the other hand, the wide spectrum of art galleries, annual music festivals, and the singing live music community are just a part of Brisbane’s cultural offer.


If you are still compiling your what to do Brisbane agenda, read the text below and find out about some Brisbane tourist attractions that might be helpful.


4 Tourist Attractions In Brisbane

1. Winery Tours Brisbane


Wine tours have become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years. Wine lovers are always on the lookout for new places, new tastes, and pleasures through various wine tours and Brisbane has definitely a lot to offer.


Winery tours in Brisbane are usually created as one-day programs, adequately tailored for large and small groups. Programs are created to present numerous wine cellars and wine producers to the widest possible audience. The programs include visits and wine tastings of the best Brisbane wines.


Winery Tours Brisbane


Here is an overview of the 3 most popular winery tours in Brisbane:


  • Hinterland Heritage wine tour – expect history, elegance, and luxury on the grounds that once served as home to three Queensland


  • Deluxe winery tour to Tamborine mountain – enjoy an award-winning drink, local cheese, and spectacular views of the Tambourine


  • City Winery Brisbane Wine and food experience – learn how to pair food with wine from a master


Winery tours in Brisbane are designed to suit all levels of wine lovers. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced sommelier or you are just someone who appreciates a good glass of wine paired with delicious food there is plenty of space for everyone.


Winery Tour


A few things to remember are that the tours are reserved only for people who are above the legal drinking age and you will be asked for an ID when you make your reservation. You are welcome to bring your kids or any underage family member but you are responsible for their safety and keeping them away from the alcohol. Additionally, the groups are limited to a very small number of people and therefore you must reserve your spot in advance.


2.  Paint and Sip Events


Paint and sip events are a combination of fun, good glass of wine, and art. This is an event where a small group of attendants, either talented for painting or less talented but with a strong will for learning, paint accompanied by a glass of their favorite drink. It’s a place where enjoyment and creativity are merging which makes it an appropriate place for romantic and artistic souls. Besides, it is a convenient way to spend 3-4 hours with your friends or just indulge in the pleasure and meet new people.


Paint and Sip Brisbane


If you aren’t sure where to start, we are offering you a few carefully selected options which you can add to your what to do Brisbane list. However, you can find a lot of these events with a single Google search.


The event is organized in such a way that you don’t have to worry about anything. The organizers will provide all the painting materials, the photo inspiration, and all drinks and snacks. A few things to keep in mind are that you must book online before attending the event and arrive at least 30 min earlier so you have the chance to meet with the group and get your complimentary drinks and painting materials. Also, inform yourself before arriving if you can bring your drinks or snacks.


3.  Museum And Art Gallery Tour


The very big range of cultural activities of Brisbane is a magnet that attracts so many travelers from all across the globe. All lovers of maritime history, natural history, cultural heritage, science, and art can satisfy their curiosity with Brisbane’s renowned museums and art galleries. You could spend the entire day in Brisbane’s galleries and museums and explore the exquisite history the city has to offer.


Bellow, we give a list of the 5 most famous museums and art galleries that should be on your what to do in Brisbane bucket list:


Museum Brisbane

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  • The Museum of Brisbane, located in the city center will introduce you to the city’s evolution, from its history to its modern-day


  • Queensland maritime museum, located in South Brisbane is the home of one of Australia’s largest maritime heritage


  • Queensland Museum, located at South Bank will impart knowledge about Queensland’s natural history, cultural heritage, and


  • Algoma, a Queensland art gallery, and gallery of modern art is located at South Bank in the heart of Brisbane’s culture. It’s the home of more than 19,000 pieces of art from all over the Children’s art center for the youngest ones circles the offer that you mustn’t miss.


Things to do Brisbane

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  • Birrung gallery and dining, located in the city center is a unique opportunity to observe and even purchase original artworks created by local First Nations


4.  Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha


We often know how to overlook the most beautiful things, even though they are right in front of our eyes. Brisbane botanic gardens Mount Coot-tha is one of those things that shouldn’t be overlooked, for sure. The gardens are the pure natural beauty of South Queensland, the pearl of this area, and the forgotten paradise in the city center. This is an oasis of peace and greenery.


Mt Coottha Brisbane

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Life today means constant rush, running for transportation, delays, and obligations. That is why the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane are a real refuge from the hustle and bustle in which the soul can relax and rest properly. Great opportunity for visitors who don’t know what to do in Brisbane and want to relax and enjoy nature.


Brisbane botanic gardens have existed since 1976 and they extend to 56 hectares. Entry to the gardens is free and they are open from 8 am to 6 pm in summer (September to March) and from 8 am to 5 pm in winter (April to August). Dogs are not allowed at any time (except for guide and assistance dogs) to protect the native wildlife. The botanic gardens are open 365 days a year, so you can taste this experience whenever you wish.


To Do Brisbane Event

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Cycling on the ring road and road to the Australian Plant Communities is permitted, unlike skateboards and scooters because they are considered unsafe to other pedestrians. Car access in the gardens is permitted (except on weekends, public holidays, and from 4 pm on weekdays).


There are various events and workshops for kids and adults. With plenty of things, you can fill your excursion in Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha. From displays and free guided walks, and picnic areas, to a living museum of native and exotic plant collections in themed sections. You can also experience feeding wild animals residing in the area. It is a place that must be on the what to do Brisbane list for all nature lovers.


Final Thoughts


The text above is only a small part of the entire tourist offer of Brisbane. The city is slowly imposing itself on tourists and taking its deserved place on the tourist map of Australia.


If you have opted to visit Brisbane, we hope that the article will help you to enrich your what to do Brisbane list and spend an unforgettable day or week that will be etched in your memory.