The capital of the beautiful Sunshine State, Brisbane, or ‘Brissie’, as the Aussies affectionately call it is Australia’s third largest city. Circling along the Brisbane River, the landscape blends historic buildings with modern elegance. Although the city’s history dates back to 1824, Brisbane came onto the world stage after winning the Commonwealth Games and World Expo in 1988.


Brisbane Tourist Attraction


The mild, subtropical climate coupled with a relaxed sophisticated culture attracts a large number of tourists as well as permanent residents, moving from other Australian states. Today, Brisbane’s population is still booming as visitors discover its many assets. It’s clean, green, and friendly, with an emphasis on innovation and creativity, and you’ll find an abundance of lush parks and gardens throughout the city. Families also appreciate the many free attractions and adventures that are kid-friendly.


5 Brisbane Tourist Attractions To Remember


Now you know that Brisbane is an amazing city to live in but you want to explore the tourist attractions Brisbane has to offer. However, the list of amazing places, day trips to Brisbane, and the offer of excursions is incredibly long.


That is why we are here to help! We have singled out the five most intriguing tourist attractions in Brisbane, also convenient for day trips from Brisbane. Take a look at the brief description of each of them and see what makes them appealing to visitors. Maybe one of them will make you fall under the temptation of curiosity and visit the city.


1.   Fortitude Valley


Fortitude Valley is a suburb of Brisbane and is known for its nightlife, alternative culture, and fantastic shopping. It is а contradictory tourist attraction in Brisbane, but sophisticated at the same time.


The Valley is for everyone who loves fashion. It is captivating and will not leave you indifferent. Besides, it is a great shopping place if you are always ready to enrich your wardrobe with the latest fashion trend. Worth mentioning is James Street where you can find all Australian fashion labels. There are more than 130 stores to shop from top to bottom with a wide range of local boutiques, flagships, and different designer items.


Brisbane Fortitude Valley

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Additionally, the Valley is also a true architectural masterpiece with beautiful heritage buildings, like the McWhirters building.


You’ll also find plenty of festivals – the Valley is famous for its live music scene, day and night! All bars and concert halls help live music thrive with Australia’s best singers. You can also visit the Valley Pool which is popular with elite athletes and swimmers.


Brisbane China Town

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The valley is also the home of Brisbane’s Chinatown, where you’ll find great food and shopping options. Also, this is a home for different types of Chinese restaurants and markets. Maya Mexican Restaurant, Honto, or Umami restaurant just to name a few, are great options if you want to try authentic Chinese cuisine. If you want to taste the offer from BYO restaurants try visiting Wagaya, Enjoy Inn, or Tara Thai restaurant.


Pay attention that Fortitude Valley can be a bit dangerous at night, especially at weekends. It might be better for solo travelers to enjoy their day trips to Brisbane across Fortitude Valley instead of the night. If you’re checking out the nightlife, don’t wander the dark lanes, and be careful, especially around Brunswick Street.


2.   The Gabba


The Gabba is the home of Brisbane lions, Brisbane heat, and Queensland cricket. It’s a stunning facility with a capacity of 42.000 visitors, while in concert mode there can be up to 60.000 concertgoers. A wide range of large and small types of events are organized in the stadium, as well as movie shoots, product launches, corporate days, etc. The stadium is worth visiting during your day trips and Brisbane excursions.


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Cricket matches are by far the most popular events held at the stadium. If you are a fan of cricket, consider buying a ticket on time because despite its grand capacity tickets sell out very quickly.


The Gabba is a popular tourist attraction in Brisbane for all sports lovers but even if you don’t enjoy sports you can always find something worth visiting because the stadium hosts all kinds of events suitable for all age groups. On their website, you will find all the event and ticket info.



3.   Queensland Performing Arts Center


Queensland Performing Arts Center is the cultural center of Brisbane. Here you can enjoy classical music, drama, opera, theater, comedy, and contemporary music. There are seven venue stages: Lyric Theater, Concert Hall, Playhouse, Cremorne theater, Tony Gould Gallery, Melbourne Street Green, and Cascade Court. Also, spacious foyers, function areas, and auditoria are perfect locations for corporate events and private functions.


The Arts Center is a much-loved tourist attraction in Brisbane for all those who like culture. If you are one of them, do not forget to put Queensland Performing Arts Center in your day trips to Brisbane agenda for one of your following visits to the city.


Brisbane QPAC

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Additionally, delicious eat and drink options are available. Lyrebird, Cafe by QPAC, Bistro by QPAC, Russell Street Wine Bar, and several Theater bars are open for a warm welcome for the guests.


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Be aware that the Center is housed in a vibrant part of Brisbane, with many events occurring, especially during the weekends. That’s why planning, ticket purchase, and transportation should be planned.


4.   Surfers’ Paradise Brisbane


If you prefer entertainment, excitement, and adrenaline, a small jewel in the Gold Coast, a so-called Surfers’ Paradise is the right place for you. This stunning tourist attraction in Brisbane has ample offers for all age groups. Surfers Paradise was an attractive destination at night for a long time, but lately, it has something to offer during the day as well.


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This amazing suburb dates back to 1920 but gained fame in recent years because the area is fringed by reliable swell and a pristine coastline. Surfers Paradise doesn’t sleep, literally. There is always something happening. This stunning tourist attraction in Brisbane is a playground famous for holiday vibes, top-class nightlife, and an atmosphere that is pumping with no interruption. By day, the district is ‘occupied’ by cyclists, surfers, and walkers. There are skateboarding performances all across the strip, too.


There are several reasons this district has become attractive to a huge number of visitors every day. Thanks to the nightlife offer Surfer Paradise gained the reputation of being the Gold Coast’s party town.


Surfer Paradise

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But we mustn’t forget the delicious food offered in this town. Here are our favorite options:


  • Blueys Beer and Burgers is a restaurant inspired by the New York Scene, that offers comfort food and craft beer.
  • Bumbles is popular for an omelet, smoked salmon, carrot cake, burgers, eggs benedict, and chips.
  • Chapter and Verse restaurant is the place to enjoy international cuisine and midday tea.



5.   Howard Smith Wharves Brisbane


If you want a unique and unforgettable experience outside of the standard tourist attractions in Brisbane then Howard Smith Wharves is the perfect place for you.


Howard Smith Wharves is a wharf located beside Brisbane River at 5 Boundary Street in Brisbane City.


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The name of the destination comes from a former Australian coastal shipping company Howard Smith Co.Ltd which leased Brisbane Central Wharves from the 1930s until the 1960s.  The place is accessible by lift and stairs on Bowen Terrace, drop-off zones from the Street, and the Riverwalk from Brisbane City and New Farm entrances. Howard Smith Wharves is owned by Adam Flaskas known for revitalizing several of Brisbane’s most iconic heritage sites.


It is the newest lifestyle and entertainment destination with possibilities for eating, drinking, playing, and staying. The interest in this newborn tourist attraction in Brisbane is growing rapidly, from year to year. There are plenty of eating options where you will be able to enjoy the most delicious menus, with food prepared by high-class chefs. You could visit Mr. Percival’s bar and restaurant, housed beneath Story Bridge, Stanley bar and restaurant, situated on the Riverfront, or Yoko Dining bar and restaurant with its energetic experience of Tokyo’s music bars and izakayas. We have singled out these 3, but it is up to you to take a first-hand walk to enjoy the wide range it has to offer.


Brisbane Howard Smith Wharves Tourist Attraction

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Howard Smith Wharves has perfect staying options. We can’t miss mentioning the amazing  Crystalbrook Hotel, a luxury hotel, situated on the soaring cliff face. The hotel has 166 spacious rooms decorated with original artworks and 500 masterpieces by one of the most popular  Australian artists, Vincent Fantauzzo.


Howard Smith Wharves offers opportunities for organizing corporate events, private celebrations, event spaces, and weddings.


The place has important local significance. It presents the evolution of Queensland’s history and it has a special link with the work of a particular person and organization of importance in domestic history. It demonstrates rare, endangered, and uncommon aspects of Queensland’s cultural heritage, too.


You can put this tourist attraction, Brisbane, in your day trips Brisbane list.


Final Thoughts


This article will help you find and understand your options for visiting tourist attractions in Brisbane. We have focused on singling out the most unique and unusual places, outside of the basic tourist locations mentioned everywhere on the Internet. Our list is as unique as the places mentioned above and it is something that will leave you speechless and excited for more!