Top 5 coastal walks in South East Queensland

South East Queensland (SEQ) is blessed with an amazing number of beaches on both the coastline and on a number of islands dotted around Morton Bay. White sand, clear ocean water, surf beaches and amazing views round out of the highlights SEQ beaches have to offer. Whilst there are any number of fun-filled activities to keep you busy, today we look at SEQ’s best coastal walks.

  1. Point Burleigh

When it comes to the local’s chic places to be on the Gold Coast it’s all Burleigh and it’s easy to see why. Prime picnic places on the green are fiercely fought over; find one and you’ll be rewarded with a fine view of surfers in the foreground, backed by Surfers Paradise in the distance. Once you’ve gotten a gelato from a local store, you’re ready for the walk around the point, with the ocean on your left a steep incline to your right. This would be the busiest walk on our list, but it’s to see why shots of Burleigh are such a mainstay of many native’s ‘gram feeds.

  1. Kings Beach, Caloundra

The Sunshine coast has a reputation for unspoilt paradise and with the scene at King’s Beach it’s easy to see why. Apart from the idyllic sand and water, Kings’ is flanked on either side by vast rock formations and pools that you can walk through at your leisure. These rockpools are teeming with wildlife and crab-spotting is cagey came of hide and seek; with the crabs blessed with an abundance of hidey holes. Walk around the southern point and Bribe Island will come clearly into view over the Pumicestone Passage. The 80m (tide dependant) swim to Bribie is in our top 5 SEQ swims  but that’s another article (be wary of the tide!)

  1. Mount Coolum

Whilst not your typical coastal walk, being only 1km from the beach we couldn’t resist including Mount Coolum in the list. If you’re also thinking it’s more of a hike than a walk, at a gentle height of 197m it shouldn’t set too many hearts pounding. What’s for certain is that the Mount Coolum walk is incredibly popular, so you may wish too avoid the ‘peak hour rush’. The reward of your ascent will be a panoramic view of natural beauty including the winding coastline.

  1. Point Lookout North Stradbroke Island:

The walk at Point Lookout North Stradbroke really has it all. Majestic views of sweeping coastlines feature to the north and south, crystal clear water, abundant wildlife and the gorge shaped into dangerous beauty by the battering of the elements make this a memorable walk.  Keep an eye out for turtles near the gorge, dolphins off the coast, kangaroos and koalas in the bushland and if you’re there between June to November you may be lucky enough to see the migrating whales!

Noosa Heads

The walk around Noosa heads showcases all the beauty nature has to offer. From serene rainforest to fierce ocean, soft white sand, river sunsets and Aussie wildlife, you can’t help but be impressed with this gorgeous part of Queensland (*this is pointedly reflected in nearby real estate prices!) As you wind your way along the Noosa river, be sure to stop off at the Fairy Pools. These sizeable rockpools hidden amongst the rockface may well have you longing for a home spa in no time, as small waves wash around you. Further along the walk you’ll find turtles ever so briefly coming up for air and with luck a pod of dolphins. With the Noosa River heading a direct western direction from the Heads, the right timing and cloud cover will spoil you with one SEQ’s best sunset views.