Paint and Sip is a party for all creative souls who want to spend a couple of hours painting and drinking wine, beer, or, cocktail. This is a place where you push the limits of what you can, and move into what you could.


You do not have to own prior painting experience. Just a positive attitude and a will are required. Enjoy a stress-free and beautiful night where your creativity will be released! Paint class hosts provide all required materials and supplies for you and of course a quality glass of wine.


Paint and Sip Brisbane


If it is your first time you are attending this type of paint class don’t worry about the details because we have all the secrets you need to know. We will walk you through every detail from what to expect to what to wear and share a few tips to help you make this experience as enjoyable as possible.


Let’s go!

What Are Paint And Sip?


Paint and sip is an event where the participants paint a picture and sip a glass of wine, but also a glass of beer or even a cocktail. In Australia, it has been done for about a decade and it has now become a real fashion, not only among young people. There is no need to be an expert, neither in art nor in wine.


The places like restaurants and outlets in general where these courses take place advertise them as an opportunity to spend a fun evening, where attendees sit at the table with canvas and brushes in front of them. The paint class is under the guidance of an art teacher and you are required to follow the instructions and indulge fully in the pleasure of the painting class, sipping your favorite drink. The teacher will lead you to a creative masterpiece step by step on your own!


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Some places even offer the BYOB option (bring your booze, bring your bottle), while others sell wine, beer, and cocktails. However, you must check if this option is available before booking.


Why Should I Participate In A Paint-And-Sip Event?


Regardless of your stage of painting knowledge, you have plenty of reasons to participate in paint class events.


Whether kindergartener’s stick figures are masterpieces compared to yours or your painting would put Mikelandjelo to shame– you are welcome to paint and sip events. It’s on you to choose how you would like to paint! You have complete control of the paintbrush. Together with all the other participants, you are united in one mission, to create your painting and enjoy together in the relaxed and positive atmosphere you are creating.


How To Register For A Paint-And-Sip Event?


First, look around the wide range offer of paint and sip nearby. Different websites offer this type of event. There you can find all the required information about the painting class. The location, parking options, possible public transport options to and from the place, cost, and other details. You also can contact the organizer if you have any additional questions or requests.


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When you find the paint and sip event most suitable for your needs and wants, follow the instructions about registering for it. Some websites require creating a profile beforehand, some don’t. It depends on the company’s policy. After you complete registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your registration for the event was successful. It’s useful to print the code or e-ticket (whatever you received) and show it when you arrive at the event. We suggest being quick to sign up because events fill up fast.


What To Expect From A Paint And Sip Event?


Paint and sip events will allow you to have a unique experience like no other before. You will create your masterpiece under the surveillance of paint teachers, who will instruct you to paint your creation in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Both you and all the other guests participate in painting, socializing, singing, and enjoying wine.


As we said before, it is not all about painting. Attendees are free to have fun, make friends, and exchange experiences. The primary goal of the event is to get the participants to know each other. It often happens that the environment is enriched by singing and even dancing. Why not invite someone to join you in the dance? You must have heard that painting and music go hand in hand. That’s exactly what you have here. The priority is for all attendees to have a good time spent.


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There are paint and sip events where you are free to choose the subject you will draw. On others, the topic will be assigned by the organizer of the paint and sip event. It depends from paint class to paint class. These specifications and all other aspects you will find in the description of the event.


What Should I Wear To A Paint-And-Sip Event?


There is no mandatory dress code you have to wear while participating in paint class. But we warmly suggest adhering to some recommendations we share below.


Paint and Sip


  • Avoid white clothes. White is not the best option because the chances are high that the paint will accidentally splash on you.
  • Leave the elegant wardrobe at home. It is not advisable to leave it at the mercy of the paint-and-sip
  • You can purchase a color spot remover from a store. For any unpredictable situation, if a drop of paint unexpectedly attacks your clothes, you can intervene in time and remove it.


When it comes to the rest of the props for the paint class, keep in mind that the organizer provides them for you. Brush, canvas, paint, apron, and wine are included in the price. We advise you to show up about 15 minutes before the starting time. Use the time to take a drink and sit. Depending on the paint class policy, some paint-and-sip events allow you to bring a bottle of wine, food, snacks, etc. You must check it with the organizer beforehand.


3 Tips To Have A Good Time At A Paint And Sip Event:


As you have already seen above, paint and sip events are held in a less formal concept with no determined protocol or special requirements. But, it is helpful to read several tips that will help you to spend a good time in the pain class.


1.   Don’t Worry About Your Artistic Level


The best way to have a successful paint-and-sip event is to be relaxed during the painting class. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at painting or a pro artist. Only fun and entertainment are appreciated here. It is an opportunity to release from your all-day duties and surrender to the pleasure that the event brings with it.


Paint Class


However, your painting process is under the supervision of an experienced instructor. He will monitor your work, and encourage and entertain you. Regardless of your artistic level, just follow the instructions and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a glass of wine. Countless participants in the past have left delighted with their work. Although your instructor will share several tips about creating your work, you can make it entirely your own. Add your spice, brand, or look to your artwork and do it according to your style.


In the end, you can take your masterpiece with you and solemnly immortalize it on the wall of the room or donate it to the organizer.


2.   Bring A Friend Or Two


If you feel uncomfortable that you will go alone to the paint class, think about taking a friend or two with you. It will help you to free up anxiety and boost your self-confidence.  If it is a problem for you to fit into a larger environment of people, where socializing is required, the feeling of having a friend with you can help you overcome this condition. This is not a shortcoming, as well, but on the contrary, a normal human trait that is present in most of us. This is similar to going out to nightclubs. It’s understandable to feel more comfortable and pleasant if you are surrounded by friends. So, persuade your friends to join you, explain how the events work, and take part together in one of the paint-and-sip events nearby.


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3.   Relax And Enjoy Your Time There


Do not care about your outcome if it doesn’t fill the expectations. The top priority of every paint and sip event is to allow the participants to relax and enjoy their time. You will meet new people with the same or similar affinities as you. However, you will be circled mostly with art lovers, therefore starting a conversation with the attendees would not be a problem.


Paint Event


Creating art connects people and brings them together. Don’t be skeptical, instead, connect, socialize with others and enjoy your time. Your creation is your own, and we strive to contribute towards the incredible experience of creating your masterpiece.


Nothing is required of you than a sense of creativity to register for a paint-and-sip event. The rest is up to the organizer.


Final Thoughts


Sign up for one of the paint-and-sip parties near you and you will get step-by-step instructions to create your masterpiece. Release the creativity from yourself and wake up to Van Gogh’s potential within you. Who knows, maybe a true genius hides in you!